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My name is Jaimie VanSickle, and I’m the Founder and COO of J VanSickle Company.  I am the mastermind behind the curtains!

I have this pretty cool knack for running all the day-to-day logistics of a business.  I started my career 25 years ago, at the young age of 15, in an administrative setting.  As the years progressed, I too progressed through various roles in administrative management, human resources, logistical management, and accounting.  I did my rounds in nearly every department at some point.

After 17-years in the corporate rat race, and having children, I was ready for a change.  I was ready to play bigger.  So I launched my own virtual assistant business, which quickly grew into a 6-figure beast, and landed myself here where I am today.

My clients range from the small solopreneur setup to larger multi-million dollar organizations.

I have run the backstage for some of the largest live events in the industry and launched products and service offerings for many of the industry’s leading digital marketers.  I am a serious professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to any launch, of any type or any size.

In the past 8-years of business, I have been in the management seat for 3 best-selling book launches and taken care of the day-to-day operations for well over 50 clients.

I am most known for my extraordinary talents in both process development and business operations management and am considered by many as one of the top consultants in the online business management field.

Some call me a virtual assistant, while others call me their operations manager, but in the end, I’m most commonly known as a Ninja.  I work silently in the background, rarely seen or heard, slashing the monsters that sabotage effectiveness, and crushing the bugs that suck life from a business’ bottom line.  (I may have a background in martial arts, if you didn’t notice.)

I currently have headquarters located in Northern Michigan, where my rockstar employees and I serve many bad ass clients who run online businesses.  We’re a strong and happy team, marching life to the JVS beat, and enriching the lives of our clients.

We do our work with aplomb.  We work hard and enjoy our work family.  We execute incredible tasks with a kick in our step and a side of humility and humor.

We like a happy workplace and strive very hard to keep it that way.  No drama, no politics, no meanie pants, no micromanagement, and certainly no Debbie Downers.  We’re a happy crew and we work with happy clients only.  We spread our cheer for everyone to hear.  (Okay, that last line was inspired by the movie Elf, but I just couldn’t resist it!)

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We serve clients in these industries:

  • chiropractic
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • speakers
  • authors
  • non-profit organizations
  • networking
  • legal
  • financial
  • insurance
  • marketing
  • software

We can handle these various areas in businesses with complete ease and satisfaction:

  • CRM (the foundation)
  • customer service
  • help desks
  • call center
  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • scheduling
  • travel
  • webinars
  • virtual events
  • membership programs
  • websites
  • blogs
  • social media
  • products
  • service offerings
  • coaching clients
  • speaking gigs
  • book launches
  • marketing
  • live events
  • product launches
  • daily administration

We have the systems down.

You bring the vision and we’ll make it happen.

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