My clients and followers love a behind the scenes look.  They rarely ask out of respect, but when I offer it up, they go nuts for it.

So here is a behind the scenes look with how we manage over 20 client’s (and growing!) businesses simultaneously without missing a beat, and the preferred application(s) we use to make it happen.

Attached below is our internal Standard Operating Procedure for how we manage Projects & Tasks with DaPulse.  We share this with our clients too, so they understand what we’re doing with their business and can best interact with the operations team.  So as much as I like to think it’s a big secret, it kind’a really isn’t.  (But that there’s the real secret!)

This should bring some fun inspiring ways of how your organization can leverage the power of DaPulse and Google Apps, and get some stuff done!

DOWNLOAD THE SOP HERE:  How We Manage Your Business Using DaPulse & Google Calendar


I’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions on this.  Just for fun!  So find us at questions@jvansicklecompany.com or hit Jaimie up on Facebook.

Interested in learning more about our services?  Discover our Online Business Management and Infusiosoft Services here, or simply email us and we’ll get you scheduled for a talk!

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