Here’s a little geek for your week!  Are you new to Mailchimp?  Then enjoy this tip on How to Add Contacts to Your Mailchimp list.

We like to show you the inside scoop on the skinny of our operation services.  So enjoy this behind the peek look at one of our processes.

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1. Log in to your Mailchimp application

2. Click on LISTS

You will see your lists.  Example we’re using here:

  • Group 1: Attended and Scheduled
  • Group 2: Attended
  • Group 3: Signed up but did not attend

3. Click on the group you would like to start with. Select the “Add Contacts” drop down menu and choose import contacts.

4. Choose CSV or tab delimited text file

We recommend CSV, so you will need to save your spreadsheet as a .csv file.  Tab delimited is good for a more advanced file import, but CSV is easiest.

5. Upload your CSV file you would like to import

6. Match your fields accordingly

7. Finish the import

8. Repeat steps 3-7 for all three of your groups accordingly.

TIP: If you want to add contacts one-by-one you can select the appropriate group, add a subscriber, and type in their information.

9. Once you have all of your contacts imported you will need to add them to your autoresponders. Click on AUTOMATION.

Now you will see your autoresponders according to group.

10. Click on the group you would like to start with and select the “Edit Workflow Settings” drop down, then choose “Add subscribers to workflow”

11. The number of subscribers you just added to that particular list should appear. Click “Add Subscribers to Workflow”

12. Repeat steps 9 – 11 for each group accordingly.

Prefer done-for-you support?  Let’s talk!  We have easy start-up retainers!

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