You’ve hired a business coach.  Great!

You’ve had diagnostics run on the vision of your business.

You know strategically how to grow your business.

Goals are set.  The marketing plan is mapped out.

You now understand how to get your business off the ground and start making money.

You’ve learned many tricks and heard several tips.  You’ve discovered secret strategies and you’ve been told about all the snazzy software out there that can make it happen.

You have a network of peers within your mentoring group, and you’re inspired and ready to take lead and build your empire.

Great, so what’s stopping you?

I see it every week, week after week.  Money tossed in the heavy fees on a business coach, and that was well invested, but it’s only half the picture!

There’s a mark that’s being missed.

They’re teaching you all these tips and tricks, but they’re not giving you the mentoring around HOW TO.

They’re not warning you there’s more budgeting needed.  And not just in the software, but also in the manpower and the professional services to execute these areas.

You know that you need an email marketing software, that you need to develop a free offering, put the opt-in on your website, and have an auto-responder set to deliver that free offering, then from there you need to slowly drip them a sales process that will inevitably put them into your revenue stream.

You’ve heard about Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft.

You understand you need a merchant system and a shopping cart if you’re going to sell.  You know that after you sell you need to on board that client into your program and deliver them the products you promised.

You know that you need to account for the books in this process, answer your clients questions, handle scheduling, redirect phone lines so you can take calls, set up the webinars, post replays in the membership center, of course, that’s after you’ve designed the membership center, and somewhere in all this mix you also have to sell, market, and show up on stage to perform.

Oh wait, or do you really understand all that?

Your business coach may be falling short here.  Hiring a business coach is a brilliant move!  Do it!  By all means, you’ll learn more, and produce more revenue if you have the right coach.

But watch the budget!  Don’t spend it all on the business coach, because it’s only 1/2 the process.  Once you have the foundation down, you need to actually run your business and there’s ongoing costs associated with that.

You’ll have software needs:

  • email marketing platform
  • CRM
  • QuickBooks
  • merchant system
  • shopping cart software
  • project management systems
  • automated scheduling software
  • google apps
  • webinar platform
  • wishlist member
  • hosting
  • domain fees
  • merchant fees
  • phone service
  • help desk
  • live chat support features
  • survey monkey
  • etc

Professional Team for Execution:

You can certainly try to nail this yourself.  I coach the DIY approach to many clients because it’s a cheaper path for them.  And it allows them a slower launch process and to build a business from the ground up.

But inevitable, at some point, you’re going to need a professional.

  • administrative/virtual assistant
  • website design
  • graphic design
  • translation
  • project manager/ops manager
  • accounting team
  • legal team
  • call center

Now, I’m not trying to scare you off.  Certainly, you may not require all the software expenses, or the team expenses, at once.  And it will vary based on your type of business and your goals.

But just go into the coaching with a bit of added knowledge.  I only hope this helps you make the best decision for both yourself and your business.  Because most coaches aren’t like my company.  They don’t coach and execute with one fee.

You can learn….but you still gotta’ get it done!



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