It was two years after the 2008 market crash.  We lived in Detroit, which was the city to get hit the hardest.

It was just over seven years ago when this business was started in a 600 square foot house.

I remember well.  I moved the lamp to the floor, plugged in an old dusty laptop, and used the living room end table as my workstation.  I had a 3-year-old son, and a 3-month-old baby by my side, many times running circles around me.

Not even knowing what the virtual assistant industry was at the time, I decided to start a transcription-based business.  It was during my research for a business name and domain that I stumbled upon the industry.

I knew I could take this on.  Little did I know what I was really getting myself into.

For the first six years, we employed a remote team.

This past year they’ve worked from my home office.  But we continue to grow, and we’ve finally outgrown this cozy little space we call work.

I only dreamed about this before.  I knew it was something that I’d one day obtain but still had my doubts.

As with anything, when one really wants to take a dream to reality, we work hard for it.

This week, we move our offices into our new official office space.

I may not own a waterfront home yet, but for the time being, I can overlook the beautiful Lake Huron all day long from the busy seat at my desk.  I can see the dock, the park, and enjoy the sunrise over the lake from my desk.

So yes, we’re expanding. And it feels surreal.

Long work days, tears, flying objects on some days, but so many triumphs.

We wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the devoted husband, and patient children who have all made sacrifices for this business.

We certainly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the fantastic team that helps me build businesses through the business management services we offer.

Our clients will now benefit from this expansion.  Their business team is together under one roof.

Faster service, quicker response times, and increased turn around on the big projects.

We’ve also expanded our shipping and fulfillment services and will be putting a bigger focus on our overall customer service.


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