June 22


Squirrel! Wait…Avoid Shiny-Object Syndrome in Technology With These 3 Tips

By Jaimie VanSickle

June 22, 2020

It’s so easy to get distracted by new techie objects in this industry.

There’s always something new on the horizons, and everyone wants a piece of the cake.

Just remember, every time you switch technology and software, you have to update – or even completely redevelop – your systems and processes that align with that technology.

Absolutely there are times when updating your technology is necessary to advance and grow your business.

But many times I see clients come down with shiny object syndrome, and they just want to try the latest and greatest gizmo that’s on the market.

These are three tips I use with my clients when they start discussing their technology needs:

1) Is The Business Being Held Back?

Is your current applications and software holding you back from productivity or generating revenue?

Is it missing key features that are necessary for advancing your business?

If yes, then you need to review an application or process that will fix this issue.  I’m sure that any manager will agree – production, resourcefulness, leanness, effectiveness and revenue generation are pretty important key elements to a healthy business.

If no, then before you pull out that credit card, rethink the costs from loss of production you’ll encounter by switching.  Is it worth it?  Is this a good move?

2) How Will This Affect Your Team?

If you’re living by The Complete Online Business Management protocols, you will have processes, systems, and people in place.  How will this change in their technology affect all these areas?

Even more so, how will this affect your team?

Will it drag down morale?

Will it cause any unnecessary work or frustration for them?

Will it slow them down?

Will it increase their hours?

Is it causing them more work than production?

Will it erase weeks or months of their recent accomplishments?

When you setup software, you setup systems and processes to go with it. Chances are your team has invested a lot of time, maybe even months, setting the systems in place that align to your current software and applications.

So think, are you poking mama-bear when you break the news that you want to try out the latest and greatest CRM?

And is it worth it?  Maybe it is.

If it’s absolutely necessary to move, because your business is being held back on the current platform, then so be it.  They’ll need to be flexible.

But just be sure you’re taking this into account when you ask announce the changes.

3) How Stable is The New Platform?

I have watched so many clients switch a webinar or CRM platform only to find out that the newest and shiniest object has bugs, glitches, or the support staff with the technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Is this new application part of an organization that’s on bootstrap funding still?  Do they have support staff?  Does it work or will it bug out?  Is there phone support for the bigger issues that may arise?  Have you checked their deliverability or other key factors?

If you are switching applications, I recommend shooting for one that has a good reputation and that will still be in business a year from now.

About the author

Jaimie VanSickle

Jaimie VanSickle, owner of J VanSickle Company, has been serving business for over 10 years. Jaimie has worked with over hundreds of clients, and has managed some of the larger online business infrastructures within the online and digital marketing industry. Jaimie’s extraordinary talents in both process development and business operations management has led to her becoming known as one of the top consultants in her industry. Advanced knowledge in all facets of online businesses, coupled with superior technology skills, helps Jaimie and her team bring all the moving pieces together seamlessly to meet the needs of business owners from around the globe.

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