February 10


Our Client Making It Big With Legendary Investors ‘Meet The Drapers’

By Jaimie VanSickle

February 10, 2021

Working in this industry for the past 11 years has been an amazing ride.  Lately, it's become really interesting as we're learning more and more about big investments for startups.

Sure we serve the small-business,  many of which are solo-preneurs, but we also work on the front lines with marketing and operations for some big startups too.

One of our clients, DigiBuild, a construction blockchain SaaS company, has really raised the bar with how we work with our startup companies.

DigiBuild is one of 27 companies selected worldwide to appear on "Meet the Drapers" with legendary investor Tim Draper.  

It's a big deal.  

Tim has been an early stage investor in over 30 unicorns including Tesla, DocuSign, Box, Carta, and more. 

That is why we're thrilled to have him supporting DigiBuild and our mission to revolutionize the global construction industry using blockchain technology.

Our episode of "Meet the Drapers" aired on Saturday on GSN (same network as Family Feud and Cash Cab) and we've been so thrilled and humbled by the response.

As part of this amazing journey, I wanted to post the episode here so everyone can watch it.

Our pitch is about 15 minutes in, and the CEO, Robert Salvador, nailed it: 

DigiBuild Meet The Drapers

Of course, it's not just stopping at one episode!  So ssshhh....but there's some more interesting and fun things around the corner for us.

What's really fun is our Deal Page with a major crowd funding company, Republic.co.  Check that out here.

Oh hey, and maybe drop a few benjamins and get in on this breakthrough.

As quoted from Tim Draper himself: 

"We think DigiBuild has the potential to change all construction."  


You know what, check the legend, Tim Draper, out here for yourself.  There's much to learn from him, and if you're an entrepreneur ready for your next steps, this could be big details to make a big change for your business.

Wouldn't you love to have some quotes flying in about your company like this?

About the author

Jaimie VanSickle

Jaimie VanSickle, owner of J VanSickle Company, has been serving business for over 10 years. Jaimie has worked with over hundreds of clients, and has managed some of the larger online business infrastructures within the online and digital marketing industry. Jaimie’s extraordinary talents in both process development and business operations management has led to her becoming known as one of the top consultants in her industry. Advanced knowledge in all facets of online businesses, coupled with superior technology skills, helps Jaimie and her team bring all the moving pieces together seamlessly to meet the needs of business owners from around the globe.

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