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Isn’t it about time you start focusing on setting up your business for success with Systems That Last, and systems that work with the culture of a remote/contractor style team?

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There’s a big difference between employees and contractors, especially when it comes to the culture of the operations, and how the expectations should be set up for success for all parties.  An employee’s sole purpose is to serve you.  They don’t have other clients and other business priorities that will weigh them down and take their attention away from you.  It’s easier to keep your finger on them, and the systems can be tighter and more consolidated in-house.  Security is more easily managed, and so is the day-to-day workloads.  

On the other hand, contractors require a leanness to systems and processes that will allow them to work efficiently and juggle work and tasks among other clients.  Contractors own their own business and you don’t have to pay for unemployment hassles, benefits, and a plethora of other human resource expenses.

Part 1: Working In The Virtual Industry

We will emphasize how important it is for the Virtual Assistant to understand how to work with their clients better, and for the clients to understand how to make it flourishing for the Virtual Assistant to be on their team long term.  The relationship between these two businesses is more of a partnership, since both parties are entrepreneurs and face similar challenges when running their businesses.  So why not be on the same page so both flourish together and can grow together, right?  It’s beneficial for both sides.  Learn more about establishing a strong relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

Part 2: Integrations, Consolidations, and Universal Software

When we refer to “universal systems and software” the word universal is key.  This means it’s a proven system, with a software that has proven successful and isn’t just the next best shiny object.  Well-known systems and software means your contractors will have likely already used the software with other clients, which equates to less training for you and your remote contractor team. It immediately puts your systems on a hard stable surface, and will ensure you can lean down your Standard Operating Procedures since they’ll become dummy proof.

Part 3: Proper Baseline Website Management

Website management is more than just a proper website that looks pretty and has marketing capabilities.  It’s your real estate.  Your website requires a domain, and that domain becomes the sole identity of all things that will follow you and your team in your business and systems.  Learn how to properly secure your business from the ground up, starting with your domain and website.

Part 4: Establish a Proper CRM and Marketing Management Tool

Learn how to determine your CRM and study some facts surrounding the sales processes that go hand-in-hand with it.

Part 5: Properly Secure Content and Data Forever with GSuite

Before you go much further in your business endeavor, set yourself up for security in all your content.  Regardless of who you hire on the team, you want to ensure your content is yours, owned by you, and secured on your servers.  Learn how GSuite is the secret ingredient for making this security happen.

Part 6: Never Lose Time on Lost Passwords Again

There’s nothing worse than the time lost in searching for a password.  Slacking your teammate for a password that you need can take minutes, or hours, or days, out of the project because we’re all remote and we’re all working our own set hours, therefore we all have to wait until the person who owns those passwords releases them.  Learn how to properly secure and share your passwords with a virtual assistant team.

Part 7: Establish Crystal Clear Communications and Project Management Protocols

As your business grows, and your team grows, you’ll want more attention on a project management application that can allow your team to delegate, see the entire vision of a project, and get their work done.  It will add a level of accountability for your team, and give you the transparency that a business owner requires to see that day-to-day operations are being done.  Learn how to setup a universal project management system.

Part 8: Simple SOP's

With the ever changing software interfaces, and the fluidity of online businesses, it's important your information is documented, but in a manner that's easy to understand but even more so, easy to keep up to date.  Learn how to simplify your SOP process.

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